Sunday, June 5, 2011

Gareth Emery Interview USTM 2011

An interview from May 2011 by the United States Trance Movement with Gareth Emery. These are the questions/answers that stood out. Click the link below for the full interview. Thanks to USTM for this!

Was there a feeling that you wanted to hear a particular track reworked or just inspiration from other artists who had submitted their own mixes that you were especially fond of?

Gareth Emery: The first part of the process was choosing my favourite producers who I wanted on the album, and then we gave them the choice of what tracks they wanted to pick, rather than us matching them. I find you get much better results from a remixer if they are inspired by the track. So out of all the tracks on the album, Ashley Wallbridge picked ‘Arrival’, Giuseppe Ottaviani picked ‘Sanctuary’, Daniel Kandi picked ‘Fight The Sunrise’, etc, and I think those results spoke for themselves.

Is there a music video in the works for “Arrival”?

Gareth Emery: Probably not no. It’s a cool instrumental club track and I think we’ll keep it that way. I love that fact it’s such a favourite with the fans though. There will be a music video for ‘Into The Light’ and for future vocal singles.

Thanks for taking the time out to do this interview with us. Is there anything else you’d like to share with USTM, our readers and your fans? Something USTM is the first to know?

Gareth Emery: Err, well, I’ve got about 20 demos in my iTunes for my new album. It won’t be ready until 2012 but I genuinely believe it’ll be the best thing I’ve ever done, and you’ll probably see me starting to sneak tests of the tracks into my sets from about mid-2011. Watch this space

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