Thursday, September 23, 2010

Gareth Emery talks about Paul van Dyk - Greatest DJ

Mixmag asks Gareth Emery, "Who do you think is the Greatest DJ?" Here is what he says.

"In 2002, I sent Paul van Dyk a CD of my first track, unmastered. Next thing, someone rang up and said van Dyk played it live on radio at Nature One, a big festival in Germany. That track was 'Mistral'. It's easy, when you get where Paul van Dyk is, to rely on tried and tested names, to play it safe – so anyone who plays an unlabelled CD from someone they've never even heard of… well, it's a lot rarer than you might think. He's not a massive one for crowd interaction, but he's never needed to be because he's so good at what he does: three-hour sets and never a moment when the energy is lost. I saw him a few times at Gatecrasher in '98–'99 and he was undisputed king of that scene, before guys like TiĆ«sto and Armin van Buuren, when the whole trance thing exploded. Paul van Dyk's was a name I knew before I was even old enough to go clubbing. When I did, he lived up to my expectations – and then some."


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