Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gareth Emery - 7 Hour Set @ Sankeys, Manchester - March 18th 2011

Gareth Emery will be playing his first ever 7 Hour Set at Sankeys in Manchester, UK on March 18th 2011.

After a nine-month absence, Gareth Emery makes a much-demanded return to Sankeys with something very special: his longest ever set at 7 hours.

After a series of recent extended sets like the four-hour extravaganza in Leeds for The Northern Lights Concert, for the first time ever he’ll be on the decks from start to finish.

Chatting about the night, Gareth said “It was something I’ve wanted to do for ages and Manchester is the best possible place to do it. I’ve always been equally cool opening and closing a night and have done both at Sankeys, so why not do both? Not only is it a chance to play deeper at the start and more slamming later on that I normally would, it also means I can bring out some amazing older material and lesser-known gems that I don’t get to fit into a normal set. It’s fair to say I’ll be spending a lot of the next few months buried in iTunes thinking about the set for that night”.

Expect the usual Garuda production out in force with additional lasers, VJs and more making the level to detail that bit higher than a normal night at Sankeys.

As we know times are tight after the festive period, the first 200 tickets are available now for just £10 + BF. Don’t delay as these will sell out quickly.

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